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A memorial with a difference!

Due to the nature of our work, we rarely get to meet those we commemorate with a lasting natural stone tribute. Whether it be a headstone for a cemetery or churchyard, or a pet memorial for the garden, our work is largely retrospective.

When we heard about local Police Dog Finn who nearly lost his life on duty sustaining multiple stab wounds to the chest and head by a robbery suspect, on hearing he miraculously made a full recovery, we wanted to create something to honor his bravery. Finn's handler, PC Dave Wardell has been campaigning to get the law changed regarding service animals, as currently the maximum charge for anyone who attacks a police horse or police dog is criminal damage, meaning they are nothing more than a mere object. That's not acceptable when they put their life on the line each day they turn up to work! It should be increased and with over 10,000 signatures, Dave is pushing for Finn's Law. They are due back in Parliament again sometime next month, so fingers crossed for a positive outcome.

We set to work using a recent photo of Finn to help us and created a granite clock which we hope will help to raise awareness of their cause as well as being a lasting tribute to this brave boy. We were thrilled they managed to find time in their busy schedule to call up to see us this morning so that we could present them with our gift showing our full support. Finn was perfectly behaved and very relaxed in the sunshine outside our office and the special bond they share is very clear to see.

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