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Bereavement Counselling

Bereavement is the time spent adjusting to loss and is a natural process that most of us have to deal with at some stage in life. Some people work through this in their own way and in their own time. However, sometimes the feelings of pain and loss can be so overwhelming that functioning with day to day life may seem impossible. Bereavement impacts everyone differently and the effects may not always be immediate. Sometimes people start to struggle months or even years down the line, and for some, there is a sense of being stuck in their own grief when it feels as though others around them have moved on. It may be helpful to have someone who is outside of the family who can listen in a non-judgemental and caring way to what is really going on.

At Offley Memorials, we work in association with Ann Prutton, who runs a small private practice in Offley. Ann is BACP registered and offers a comfortable, private therapy room for people to explore confidentially the difficult emotions and feelings that may be impacting on their life. If you feel that talking may benefit you whether about loss suffered from a loved one dying or perhaps sharing an anticipatory grief where a much-loved friend or family member has been diagnosed with a terminal illness, please either contact Ann directly or we would be happy to support you in a referral.

“I qualified to become a counsellor in 2004 and have worked in a variety of settings including an addiction agency, a women’s centre and currently the Garden House Hospice at Letchworth. My work at the hospice (where I have been on and off since 2004) has given me the considerable experience of working with people suffering from issues related to cancer, bereavement and loss. Other aspects of life issues I have worked in are domestic violence, forced marriage, drug/alcohol-related problems, depression/anxiety and more. My way of working allows me to step into the shoes of the client and accompany them in their world, to be with them in whatever is troubling them in that moment.”

Please complete this form and Ann will contact you shortly.

Thankyou for your message, Ann will be in touch shortly.

Fees are usually £40 per hour but this can be negotiable in certain circumstances.

  Contact:  01462 441651 

Mobile:  07813 792702 


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