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Nicholas Prutton & Family Launch 'Offley Memorials'

The business that has become Offley Memorials Ltd began in 1978 when Nicholas Prutton began learning his trade as a memorial mason. After gaining much experience and furthering his knowledge, he set out forming his own business in 1989 from outbuildings in his garden in the picturesque village of Offley, Hertfordshire.

The business quickly grew and soon required further members of staff in both the office and workshop. With this expansion came the move into a larger premises, with the purchase of a separate shop and showroom in Dunstable, Bedfordshire and from here the business continued to go from strength to strength.

In 2007, Nick Prutton, decided to take early retirement to relocate down to Devon with his family. As the business had achieved an exemplorary reputation it sold quickly (Offley and Dunstable combined) and Nick soon swapped headstones for the North Devon Coast.

However, you can take Nicholas away from the headstones but not the memorials away from Nick and in part, this lead to his return to Offley in 2013. His well-earned, excellent reputation still brought people from far and wide knocking on the door of the family home.

This exceptionally high demand has lead Nicholas Prutton to team up with daughter Hayley and son Billy. Once again from the workshop in Offley where it all started nearly 30 years ago, together the three of them are enjoying rekindling working relationships with previous clients and trusted suppliers as well as meeting and taking care of new faces.

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