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Terms & Conditions


Whilst every effort is made to ensure delivery within a reasonable time no

responsibility can be accepted for delay due to weather conditions, non-delivery

of materials, non-payment of the Order Fee, labour disputes or other causes beyond

the control of Offley Memorials Limited. Subject to the above, it is estimated that

brochure designs made at standard sizes, in the material and finish shown will take approximately 12 working weeks to manufacture following permission being granted

by the Burial Authority.

The costs of delivery and installation in local cemeteries are covered within the prices

stated. However Offley Memorials Limited reserves the right to levy an additional charge for certain areas outside our usual trading area. Offley Memorials Limited will notify you of

any such charges in the Specification.

Not all graves are marked by the Burial Authority and as such, in order to erect the

memorial, you will be required to provide us with a sketch or map indicating the

location of the grave and place a clear marker on the grave.

Whilst every effort is made to remove any sentimental items with care that have been placed on the grave, i.e flowers, vases, ornaments, etc, Offley Memorials Limited cannot be held responsible for such items getting lost or damaged. It would be advisable to remove these items prior to the memorials being erected. 

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