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Terms & Conditions


Additional Costs

It shall be your responsibility to notify Offley Memorials Limited, prior to signing the

Specification if the grave is situated on sloping ground or if there could be difficulty in the erecting of the memorial. Offley Memorials Limited reserves the right to vary the

Specification and to make an additional charge where additional work and/or variation of

the Specification is required to adapt the memorial to sloping ground or otherwise comply

with the Burial Ground Regulations.

Burial ground fees are not included in the price quoted for materials and installation of the memorial. Any such fee indicated on the Specification is an estimate only and subject to adjustment up or down when the amount of the fee charged by the Burial Authority is known.
The prices stated are for the specific memorial style, material, design and shape shown on the website or brochure. Offley Memorials Limited reserves the right to increase the price shown for any alteration or amendment made to the designs shown.

Where an order is for a memorial which incorporates kerbing, unless otherwise agreed, quotations are applicable only to enclosures not exceeding 7'0” x 3'0”.

Where delays are unduly caused by you not complying with a request for information from us or a failure to make a payment of the Order Fee, Offley Memorials Limited reserve the right to amend the Order Fee to reflect subsequent changes in costs and materials.

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